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A powerful fully integrated business management software for established businesses looking to supercharge their businesses with greater

efficiency, flexibility, and complete visibility (insight.)

Discover how Sage X3 can work for you:

Integrated functionality for all business functions:

It incorporates business processes into one unifying software design, including financial management, manufacturing, sales, customer service, distribution, inventory, and business intelligence.

It digitalizes all workflows across a company’s value chain from accounting and budgets to production and customer service, providing greater efficiency and complete visibility for optimized resource utilization and timely decision making.

Powerful, Simple, and Highly adaptable – Despite the powerful tools offered by Sage X 3, it is simple to implement and easy to use compared to other ERPs within that same category.

The technology is highly customizable and has a great flexibility to adapt to your ever-changing needs as your business grows.

Faster, Agile and Intuitive: Provides a faster, more intuitive, and tailored business management solution than conventional ERP for organizations looking to retain their competitive advantage by increasing their agility and embracing change at speed.

This helps businesses to remain competitive in a changing landscape.

Multinational functionality has been built into the core of the software, including support for multiple languages, legislations, and currencies.

Incredible Value – Sage X3 offers an extensive variety of standard features that are hard to obtain in competing products as part of the original price , making it one of the most cost-effective ERP solutions on the market .

Advanced Technology with Open Design – Sage X3 gives you technological variety of databases and windows including Microsoft SQL databases and Windows, Oracle, Unix, or Linux operating systems


Financial Management

Sage X3’s financial management capabilities cover financial, personnel, cost accounting, budget accounting, and fixed assets. Control your bottom line with real-time visibility and accuracy.

Sage X3’s powerful financial capabilities include:

  • General ledger with multiple charts of accounts
  • fixed asset lifecycle traceability, stock count and financing
  • fixed asset lifecycle with traceability of capital expenditure
  • financial reporting (and) dashboards
  • Real-time analytics, alerts and notifications
  • User-defined dashboards
  • Configurable inquiries on any data table, with automatic or manual joins, sorting, and selection.
  • franchised asset management
  • multi-currency bookkeeping, intercompany transaction capabilities and cost accounting
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Supply Chain Management

Sage X3’s supply chain management helps you to seamlessly manage the purchasing process from beginning to end, starting with management of requests for quotes (RFQs), input and follow-up of replies, and integration into the price list base.

It offers full integration with sales, inventory, purchasing, financing, and manufacturing to help you improve your supply chain efficiency and keep up with customer demand.

It helps you to keep up with demand and ensure optimal efficiency through real-time monitoring of inventory status.

It comes with the needed tools for greater visibility into supply chain functions through systems that facilitate communication between the farthest reaches of buyers and sellers around the world.

Supply chain management capabilities include:

  • Supplier and product category management
  • Pricing and discounts
  • Purchase planning, ordering, and requests
  • Purchase orders, delivery, and scheduling
  • Requests for proposal
  • Open orders, budget accounting
  • Multi-level signature management
  • Supplier invoice entry and returns
  • Quality control and sampling
  • Stock movements
  • Import tracking inventory balances
  • Quality control and sampling
  • Replenishment, inter-site transfers
  • Order release

Production Management

Sage X3 delivers the flexibility you need to manage your production processes, from planning and scheduling to quality control to enable you get to market quickly and efficiently. Keep up with demand and efficiently manage all of your production processes with one system.

Production management functionalities include:

  • Multi-bill of materials (commercial, production, sub-contracting, etc.)
  • Current bills of material.
  • Mass maintenance.
  • Product and bill of materials change management.
  • Version number management (major and minor version).
  • Shop floor control, including labor, entry and tasks.
  • Quality control procedures with analysis request.
  • Upstream and downstream traceability management
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Project Management

Sage X3 helps you manage successful and profitable projects through their entire lifecycle with robust, integrated project management capabilities.

  • Project work and product breakdown structures (PBS and WBS)
  • Multi-level description of the tasks, preparing the operational and manufacturing process
  • Project cost breakdown structure (CBS)
  • Multi-level description of budgets, facilitating project cost follow-up
  • Employee assignments to various operations
  • Advanced project duplication function
  • Financial follow-up function to monitor the budget and expenses of projects
  • Time entries to enter the time spent on a project at the operation, task, and budget level


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