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Sage Pastel

Makes accounting and invoicing simple and allows you to breeze through admin tasks

Gives you the freedom to run your business, anywhere, anytime.

Sage Pastel Accounting: Simple, Fast, Secure

No installation hassles - you can simply login and begin your work.

No upgrades -you'll automatically be working on the latest version of accounting software.

No data security hassles - your data is always safe and secure.

Accessibility - invite your accountant as a user; they can simply login at their convenience - anytime and from anywhere

Free feature updates, unlimited transactions and no set-up costs or monthly contracts.

Sage Pastel gives you the confidence to think big by making accounting and invoicing simple

Breeze through admin tasks

Sage Pastel connects to your credit card and bank account - automatically reconciling your records for you, so you can easily track expenses and income

Nail your numbers

Easy to understand and worry-free. Sage One is intuitively designed to keep you on track and prevent errors.

Business on the move

The Sage Pastel Accounting mobile app lets you create and send invoices on the go, and that means you get to keep money in the bank for your business.

Run your business like a pro

Stay in control of your finances and understand what's happening with your business and where you should take it next.

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