Sage Evolution


Sage Evolution Premium gives the keys of control to large business owners, consolidating operational management and reporting in one convenient, integrated location.

  • Full integration means one reliable management experience
Powered by MS SQL Express and given a consistent user interface, Sage Evolution’s functional integration allows for additional modules to be added to the core accounting package – for a scalable, flexible solution for your specific business needs.

  • Sage Evolution developed for you
  • A uniquely African solution, Sage Evolution is an accounting and business management solution that has been built for compliance with IFRS accounting standards, as well as local taxes in West Africa.

    • Revolutionise the way you do business
    Sage Evolution will give you a holistic view of your business, with all operational areas integrated into one view from this revolutionary platform.

  • Updates and support on tap
  • Annual license renewal fees mean that you get upgrades and updates as they become available.

    • Simple and customisable reporting
    Sage Evolution Intelligence Reporting gives you control over what data is filtered into your periodic reporting. Manipulate accumulated data to recognise trends and gain insight, which can be used to inform new business decisions and identify potential areas for growth.

  • Take control of operations
  • From finances to employees, customer relationships to supplier engagements – Sage Evolution gives business owners the power to control every aspect of the business, and to make decisions based on this on-hand data.

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