Sage 300 HR & Payroll


Sage 300 HR & Payroll is developed specifically for companies that need more detailed and complex functionalities but without having to pay ten times more for custom-built applications. It’s an agile, cost-effective, innovative solution with world-class capabilities.

Software Features

- Unlimited employees and companies.
- Unlimited hierarchical levels, pay period configurations and pay runs.
- Intuitive user interface.
- Runs on MS SQL server

  • Familiar and intuitive user interface
- The friendly and familiar user interface gives you the ability to sustomise the working space for each user as they prefer.
- Print or export any grid's information to PDF, MS Excel and many other formats.
- Use Excel-like freeze column feature on grids for easy reference.
- Create personal custom views by reordering, adding or removing grid columns

  • Security, stability and improves processes
  • - Airtight security and rock-solid stability
    - Improvements in processing through constant innovation
    - The design complements existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications
    - Builds on the strenght of SQL as a unified platform.

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